AIWMI’s  ‘Professional Membership’ community will provide opportunities to earn professional designations; to participate in multidisciplinary knowledge initiatives, enable networking at conferences; and offer one single platform for interaction, cross-pollination of ideas and collaboration.

AIWMI members come from different verticals within financial services including wealth management, trusts, investment banking, fund management, banking, fintech, insurance and more. They are professionals, academicians, entrepreneurs and family enterprise owners.

AIWMI’s Professional Memberships provide the opportunity for practitioners and related professionals to connect and advance their focused area of practice. They aim to benefit the practitioner, their area of specialization, the clients they serve, and the industry at large.


Duration: 1 Year

The Association of International Wealth Management of India (AIWMI) for the last 5 years has been engaged in educating, connecting, and inspiring financial services professionals. AIWMI is the leading professional education institution in India and the organization of choice for the learning and networking needs of various stakeholders of the Indian financial services sector.

Use of AIWMI Professional Member Logo

Eligibility to participate in Governing Councils of various Focus Groups

AIWMI Qualifications- Exclusive Scholarships

AIWMI & Partner Conferences- Exclusive Discounts

Recruitment Advertisements on AIWMI Job Board

Listing in Membership Directory & Access

Web Casts

Exclusive Member-only events and Knowledge Workshops

Reports, Subscriptions of Various Publications- Special Rates

Proprietary Knowledge Content- Videos, Reports, Articles, Ebooks & Case Studies

Membership eNewsletter

Academic Delegations to key international financial centres

Advocacy & Research

AIWMI Study Groups

Third Party Tie-ups

AIWMI Global Conference (Members Only)

Annual Fee INR 5,000
GST (18%) INR 900
Total INR 5,900

No promotional offers available currently.