Ideal for working professionals looking for a credible certification to signal their skills and potential in Credit Analysis and Risk


Module 1: Financial Statement Analysis
  • Introduction: Role of Financial Statements, Relevance of Notes
  • Nuances of Accounting: Inventories, Depreciation, EPS, Intangible Assets,
  • Ratio Analysis, Financial Modelling and Covenant Testing,
  • Nuances of Leases, Hire Purchase, Pension Liabilities
  • Classification of Investments in Financial Assets
  • Red Flags, GAAP & IFRS – Similarities & Differences
  • Case Studies
Module 2:
  • Liquidity Analysis, Stress Testing
  • Comparison: Sector versus Global, Liquidation Scenario and Event, M&A/LBO, Banker’s Angle to Credit Analysis, Bank CMA Format and Credit Policy Formulation
  • Preparation of Credit Proposal and Credit Appraisal, Capital Budgeting Methods,
  • Loan/Bond, Behavioral Aspects of Credit officer, Pre-sanction Methodologies and Analysis, Know
  • your Customer (KYC) requirements
  • ESG Analysis for Loans/Bonds
  • Case studies
Module 3:
  • Loan documentation, Covenants analysis and Trends
  • Loan/Bond Pricing, Spreads and Curves,
  • Credit Default Swap (CDS)
  • Seniority Ranking, Rich Cheap Analysis,
  • Bond Valuation Measures including Swaps, OAS, YTW, YTM
  • Risk Mitigation using derivatives like swaps, FRA, caps and floors, Forex Hedge,
  • Case studies


Module 1: Credit Rating – Internal and External
  • Basics of Credit Rating
  • Credit Risk Management
  • 5C Credit Model, Analytical Framework For Credit Analysis, Industry Risk, Business Risk, Financial Risk
  • Dealing With Intricacies Of Credit Rating,
  • Management Risk Project Risk,
  • Ratings Methodology For Manufacturing Companies,
  • Ratings For Financial Institutions And Banks, Sovereign Ratings, Internal Rating models (Basel)
  • Case studies
Module 2: Credit Strategy and Portfolio Management
  • Understanding Yield Curves
  • Trading on Interest Rate Risks
  • Understanding Credit Spreads, Trading on Credit Spreads,
  • Other Concepts on Credit Risk
  • Predicting the Market,
  • Introduction to Distressed Debt
  • Understanding Systemic Risk
  • Credit Analysis in a Multi Asset Class portfolio,
  • Trading Strategies for Emerging Markets
  • Case studies
Module 3: Credit Monitoring, NPA Management, Enhancement and Securitization
  • Credit Monitoring and Identification of Early Warning Signals
  • Credit Enhancement and Structures
  • Rating of Asset Backed and Mortgage Backed Securitization Transactions
  • Stressed Asset Management – Warning signs, Process and Monitoring for Recovery, CDRMechanism, Pricing/ valuation of NPA’s and Asset backed/Mortgage backed Securities
  • Case studies
Module 4: Credit Risk Models and Regulations
  • CRA Regulations and Debt Guidelines
  • Credit Risk Models & Miscellaneous including interest rate Regression/Time series modeling, Merton and other Models
  • Case studies
Module 5: Understanding and analysis of Corporate Banking Facilities and other financing forms
  • Understanding Types of Corporate Banking Facilities
  • Assessment of Working Capital Finance, Analyze Treasuries and other corporate papers
  • Nuances of Credit Analysis from NBFC Perspective, Private Banking perspective, ARC Perspective
  • Priority Sector/Agri Lending – Analysis and Peculiarities, Analysis for Loan against property, Analysis for Loan against Securities, Other Common Financing structures,  Consortium lending, Green bonds
  • Case studies

Illustrated courseware 120-150 study hours

Registration Fees INR 30,000
Exam Fees INR 3,000
GST (18%) INR 5,940
Total INR 38,490

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